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At Shubic Web Design, our primary objective is to develop trusting relationships with our clients through good communications, quality-professional work, being responsive, while at the same time providing exceptional value! Our goal is to manage the process so efficiently, that in the end, we have met or exceeded your expectations with no unwanted surprises.

With over a decade of experience, and a network of freelance interactive specialists, we can bring nearly any project to fruition faster and more competitively than most.

Your project will get done faster and less expensive because we don’t have salaries, overhead and other fixed costs that a typical ad agency or web development firm might have.

So, if you’re in need of custom/professional website design, development or online marketing work done, at a competitive price, delivered on-time…please drop us a line.


What’s New?

A large finacial organization in Ottawa, Canada recently retained Shubic Web Design to conduct an audit report and comprehensive SEO/SEM campaign to focus on U.S. and Indian markets.


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"Mike Shubic knows how to make your website better in ways you haven't dreamed of yet. That's because Mike knows both his business and yours when you become his client. Whether it's SEO, web development or other online services, he's able to pinpoint what's strategically important.

Mike's become an integral part of my web strategy and marketing team, I wouldn't think of making a major move online without him."

Natalie MacLean


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